Saturday, May 14, 2011

Copyrights and Newspapers

After discussing copyrights and web sites in class, I realized that a lot of the sites and information I have been finding is similar. Almost all of the web-sites that I have visited have the same picture of the Spring-Heeled Jack, the same accounts, and the same stories. I am curious now as to how many sites have copy and pasted their information, and where the original information came from.

I am also searching for newspaper articles on my cryptid. According to the Wikipedia site, the Spring-Heeled Jack has made it into numerous papers. Because they were written so long ago, I think it will difficult to find them; however, I am searching for recent stories too. In this search, I have found article titles and brief descriptions, yet I am having trouble finding the whole article or even the majority of the article. I may be able to work on the microform readers in the library and see if I can find any old stories in The Times. This may be helpful.

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