Friday, April 15, 2011

When I decided to switch monsters I was pretty excited because I really think mermaids are the best choice for me because I love the sea and love woman. Not to mention there is a considerable amount of research material, books, articles and other resources available about mermaids then the Mongolian Death Worm. Little history about mermaids, its imperative to remember that mermaids have a full and rich history with multiple versions. They were first sighted in the Mediterranean Ocean and have links to two specific goddesses. Aphrodite and Venus are closely related and have strong ties to the sea, fertility, sexuality, does, dolphins, mirrors and combs. Mermaids are most prevalent in the British Islands and the two main mermaids from this area were Aine and Brigit. Aine is the goddess of love, fertility, fire, cattle and the sun. She also has three different forms; maiden, mermaid and hag. Brigit is coupled with healing and fertility and is the patroness of smiths. I am looking forward to continuing my research and in-depth look into mermaids. (

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