Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week 5

At this point, I've found quite a few books about mermaids, but I haven't been able to find a lot of newspaper or journal articles. I do have one article called "The Call of the Mermaid," from the journal the Natural Enquirer. This article tells of some of the history of mermaids, from the earliest myths to more recent history. It also has a few "eyewitness accounts." However, it goes on to say that unlike many other monsters, there are few people that would actually argue for the existence of merpeople. It says that we like the idea and potential of creatures such as merpeople and we want to believe in them ,so we buy into all the stories.

One of the books I got from Summit is the Fantasy Encyclopedia. It's a really cool book that has a short description of almost any mythical or fantasy creature that you can think of; from elves and dragons to vampires and wizards. It's a really neat book to look for and it has some incredible artwork, but it's not very helpful as far as the section on mermaids goes. There's just a short description of what a mermaid is, or is said to be. There is also a short section on "seal women," which are female seals that are said to shed their skin every so often and become women. It's basically an old folk tale. There's also a little box that gives examples of mermaids in books and movies.

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