Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 4 Post

This weeks I received several books from Summit. I've only had a chance to look at a couple of them though. One of the books is called Monsters of the Sea. This book First gives an introduction to Sea Monsters, then has sections about the loch ness monster, sea serpents, mermaids, the kraken, etc.

The section on mermaids first talks about this history of mermaids, and the very first stories and myths about them. It also tells about famous hoaxes concerning mermaids, or man maid mermaids. There are a lot of different pictures from different times in history of what a mermaid was thought to look like, or what people thought they saw and considered a mermaid. Many of the pictures look like horrible monsters rather than beautiful sea creatures. Half of the mermaid section is about manatees or dugongs. From the descriptions people have given, many think that "mermaid" sightings could have just been manatees.

I think this book will be helpful because it give a lot of history and background about mermaids and mermaid sightings. It also references a lot of other books that were written about mermaids or have sections about mermaids in them. I can use this book as a reference to find other books pertaining to my subject.

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