Sunday, April 17, 2011

Somewhere under the sea, somewhere waiting for me.

This post is late but I will catch up on the past two weeks. Last week I spent little time researching beyond a few preliminary Google and library searches. I found a bit of information but like many other students in the class I realized that there was not as much I would have liked. After digging deeper I digging deeper I have actually discovered a great many things about the Leviathan. I have a couple book sources to check in the library as well as things in the mail from Amazon and Illiad. From the information I have gathered, I have found a few focus points for my research. One area will be looking at the Leviathan as represented in the Bible. Aside from the direct biblical reference found in the book of Job there are some research journal articles I have found that come from Religious journals. One of these journals is entitled "BEHEMOTH AND LEVIATHAN—CREATURES OF CONTROVERSY". I will post more on that later.
A website entitled mythical realm has some good sources for multiple projects in the class. I found some interesting info on the leviathan as well as another creature that has been strongly associated with the leviathan in my research: The Kraken. I will be looking into both creatures as I try and find information about these large aquatic cryptids. I also found a reference to Jörmungandr a Norse mythology serpent which may have been influenced by the leviathan or kraken. Here is a poem about the Kraken written my Lord Alfred Tennyson. And here is a website with basic info about the kraken and many links to various kraken inspired youtube videos. And I also found a website that compiles many media references to the creatures.
I've also found some funny things while researching. Here is a forum thread concerning cryptid and monster movies.
Finally here are some interesting Leviathan inspired things I have found on the web.

The leviathan in the Yu-Gi-Oh:

And here is a leviathan toy from the Disney movie Atlantis:
In the movie it is a big robot which protects the lost city of Atlantis. Freaked me out as a kid.

And here is a Batman comic featuring the Leviathan.

I found it kinda funny.

The photo at the start of this post is my personal favorite. It comes from a book explaining how to make creatures out of sculptors clay. All in all, this week was a very productive time for research. I'm looking forward to continuing this project.

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