Saturday, April 16, 2011

Slow week for analysis...

I have found a great deal of information but because of requirements in other classes I have been unable to review many of the sources I have found.

I received The Vampire Encyclopedia through Summit earlier this week and plan on sifting through all 800+ pages of information over this next week.

I have also found a plethora of articles ranging from actual cultural research surrounding the myths of vampires, accounts of real vampires, and pop culture representations of the undead. It should be fairly interesting to go through all of those. They are all peer reviewed so really what I need to do is look through for content. I have between 15 and 20 articles I believe so I have a good amount that should suffice for the project.

The one place where I have been issues is in the newspaper department. This might be a very interesting part of my final paper. Most of what comes up is focused on pop culture representations of vampires. I'll have to narrow down my searches to see if I can find some legitimate information about it. My next thought is to look at a few Victorian history sites because many of the myths are based around that time and the anti-vaccination movement in England during the Victorian era. It's a stretch but might just work.

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