Thursday, April 28, 2011


The search continues!

“The British Columbia Folklore Society” website ( was full of interesting folklore stories, including some fascinating tales of mermaids. The purpose of this particular website is to create some excitement about tourism, specifically tourism into British Columbia. The website appears to be simply for promotion of travel in this area without any real evidence of actual mermaid or other mystical creature sightings. Although, there is a blurb regarding an actual mermaid sighting by some ferry passengers and some claimed photos from a passing airplane that supports the eye witnesses accounts of the sighting. Unfortunately the link that the site provided to see these photos is no longer available (big surprise, not!). There is also a short blurb regarding a mermaid sighting back in the 1880’s, which I have surmounted to be just more folklore in an eager attempt to elicit the tourism industry of the region. The last update to this website was June 11, 2009 so the domain may become available if anyone is interested in turning this website into a porno site.

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