Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Scoobies have hit the Books

With this week being super busy I have only been able to minimally start my research. I went to the library and found a number of books on Vampires!

The first is Slayers and their Vampires:A Cultural History of Killing the Dead. The key sections that I plan on looking more closely at are the chapters called "Conversation in the Balkans" and "Scapegoats and Demons" which both go into the folklore that discusses the vampire and see how it translates over different cultures. There are also a number of chapters in this book that talk about vampire hunters which seems to be an important aspect of understanding this creature because we must understand its natural predator.

The next book is The Vampire: A Casebook. This book contains a number of essays on the living dead. This entire book seems like it could be very useful. It has essays looking at the etymology of the word vampire to full essays examining vampires in Romania and Greece. One of the chapters I'm really interested in looking at is called "Clinical Vampirism: Blending Myth and Reality" where I feel I can learn a lot about the stuff that is real that the monster stories are based on.

Similar to that last chapter in mentioned in the previous book, I found a book called The Truth About Dracula. The first section of this book will be very useful. It is about the different recorded species of vampires living in Europe in the eighteenth-century. Later it also talks about the historical basis for the most famous vampire story ever, Dracula. In the end of the book it talks about different contemporary vampires from around the world as well.

Next I found Vampires, Burial, and Death. This goes into a great deal of the mythology surrounding vampires and should give a great deal of insight on what makes sense within the myth and where each part comes from. A really interesting part in this book is that it begins to talk about the idea of the "Soul After Death" which is a large part of the vampire myth and could be an interesting part of my research.

Along with the last book, this one seems to be one of the most useful for this project. It is called The Natural History of the Vampire. In this book the vampire is completely broken down into parts. It talks about its origins, traits and practices, vampires from different religions, and the modern vampire.

Finally I have a book called American Vampires: Fans, Victims, Practices. This is going to be very interesting because it looks strictly at the vampire in America which could be extremely interesting.

This is just an overview of the books I found. Hopefully by next week I'll have been able to read more in these books and be able to write more about them and share some more information!

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