Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The next book I selected, also from the children’s collection, is The Greatest Monsters in the World by Daniel Cohen. This book I just happened upon in the library, when I was searching for the book I mentioned above. Within this book there is a whole chapter devoted to Nessie and explaining her status as a monster. I read the chapter and was a little disappointed because it just recounted the same information that I have read over and over again. I know there are not much new information out about Nessie, but this book literally just states the facts in the most basic manner. The basic summary of the chapter is that it describes Nessie’s history with St. Columba and then goes into why Nessie is so popular among many people. It recounts the eyewitness sightings, including pictures.

The one account that I did find interesting is that the famous movie that Tim Dinsdale shot of Nessie, which was really just a dot moving on screen, was given to the Royal Air Force to analyze. They determined that it was something living that could be up to 90 feet long. I had never encountered this information in any of my research before so this was an interesting find. Cohen did an adequate job explaining Nessie to his audience, even including information that I had not encountered before, but I was a little disappointed that there was not more information given. It seemed to me that he was just trying to spit out the basic information and be done with the whole account. Also the way that this book is presented it could be for older children, teenagers, yet the information is stated in a way that makes it seem like the author was trying to dumb the information down. This is do not agree with because then it makes the information seem not credible. Overall the book gave me insight to new info, but did not seem to be the best book about Nessie that I have found in my research.

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