Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Names!

It's been very difficult trying to find articles about the Black Shuck, because there really aren't very many out there. I got really excited though because I discovered some other names for which I can search. Padfoot is one of those names, and it comes up with many different results than just the Black Shuck. I encountered a website that was devoted solely to Padfoot, including it's legend, sightings, a gallery of pictures, and further links to other sources. I found it to be very interesting. One of the sightings that the site wrote about was from 1577 and it said, "There appeared in a most horrible form a dog of a black color, together with fearful flashes of fire which made some in the assembly think doomsday was come. This dog, or the Devil in such a likeness, ran the length of the church with great swiftness and incredible haste, passed between two persons as they were kneeling and wrung the necks of them both at one instant." I also looked at their guestbook that they had, and I'm glad I did because it had so much great information on it. People wrote about their own experiences with seeing Padfoot, or stories they had heard about the black dog. It was really fascinating to read stories from the public. Maybe this will help me in future searches. I will need to look at the stories more in depth.

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