Thursday, April 28, 2011

navigating crackpots and deceivers

When using Google to search for Ebu Gogo, one of the early hits is a site titled '' authored by this man, --> Erik John Bertel. He apparently holds a degree in biology and "has training" in physical anthropology. He worked in "several Fortune 1000" companies and trained under the art critic, Lawrence Alloway, who apparently coined the term "Pop Art." A regular jack-of-all-trades...

While Bertel questionably displays more information than is typically found about the Ebu Gogo, one quickly discerns that this site serves as an advertising ploy and launchpad for his "adventure novel" about two scientists who encounter an ancient tribe of Ebu Gogo ( while researching on the island of Flores. Furthermore, the link to the associated blog page entices the reader by stating:
"More importantly and more provocatively can the Ebu Gogo or Homo floresiensis stil be alive in a remote corner of Indonesia? Stay tuned for more or go to the flores girl blog for new insights!"
If one follows the link, one finds the continuous commentary of Bertel's own personal politics, not information regarding potential sightings of this historically fabled creature.

Bertel seems to, at once, promote and diminish the validity of the Ebu Gogo as a living or recently extinguished branch of our evolutionary tree. I find this disappointing and detracting from the importance and enormity of the implications of the folk tales of the ebu gogo and the recent discoveries of the Homo floresiensis remains. Besides, he did a terrible job creating this cg representation:

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