Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Monster

I have never been a person very interested in mythology. I hope that this Monster Research will give me a better understanding about some more possibilities of the world, whether they be true or not. I have first thought of doing research on sirens, and though that maybe appealing to some, evil things have never fully grasped my attention. However, mermaids on the other hand are something that has always help my interest since I was a little girl. Doing some basic level research on Wikipedia I found that the first story of the mermaid appeared in Assyria in 1000 BC. The love between the goddess Atargatis, queen of Semiramis, and a mortal shepherd took a tragic turn when she unintentionally killed him. She was so ashamed of what she had done she jumped into a lake to subject herself to live forever in the form of a fish. The waters however, could not so easily hide her divine beauty. Thus, she took the form of a mermaid-human above the waist yet fish below. Who can resist such a love story? I am eager to learn even more about this strange creature.

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