Sunday, April 10, 2011

My "Monster": Sasquatch

Yes, this is a pretty late first post, but i wanted to be sure on which creature i was going to research. As the title claims, i've landed securely on researching Sasquatch, but after much personal debate. I will tell you how i landed on my decision.
My first gut instinct was to research Sasquatch, because i have been personally following this phenomena for a number of years ( is my homepage on safari). I have been interested in these creatures since i was a little kid, but i really didn't start researching them until a couple years ago. But then when i weighed in the fact that so many other people in this class are going to be studying Sasquatch, or closely related specimens like the Yeti, i thought it would be more interesting for the rest of us if i did something else. So my second option was aliens, or whatever one might call the beings associated with UFO's. Let's just say I watch the History channel a lot. So I searched for some books on the western library site, using summit and the ILL, and i found some books on the subject. There were plenty, and they seemed pretty interesting and legit, but for some reason i wasn't as excited as I would be if i was looking at some classic Grover Krantz or John Green. In other words, I think i would get much more out of this class if i researched the creature that I had the most personal interest in.
So Sasquatch it is. Although, through my prior research, i have already come to the personal conclusion that these creatures do in fact exist, I hope to further expand my knowledge on these elusive giants through the research methods that will be taught in this course.

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