Friday, April 1, 2011

My Creatures

Deciding on a monster/cryptid to research is a little bit hard for me because I do not know much about them in general. However, I really want to do Nessie because of my Scottish heritage and I want to know more information about her.

Another monster I had in mind is the Phantom Cat. They are very large cats, like jaguars, that roam around and are also called Alien Big Cats. Supposedly they are seen as extraterrestrial, since they have been sighted when there was a UFO sighting. Some people link them to cattle mutilations, cars not working properly and many other strange occurrences. Although, I am not finding much information on this monster at this time, but more research might lead to new information.

Also, I’m really just fascinated in general by lake monsters. There is a lake monster in Lake Okanagan, near Kelowna, BC, named Ogopogo. This monster is said, at least what I have heard when I was up there, to be Nessie when she travels away from Scotland in the winter months and comes to reside in BC. Now, I do not understand how this works since the monster is travelling from lake to lake but maybe there is some secret passageway that connects the lakes that Nessie/Ogopogo travel to get to Scotland and Canada. There is another lake monster in Canada, closely tied to Ogopogo, named Igopogo. This monster resides in Ontario at Lake Simcoe and is obviously very closely related to Ogopogo enough that it may again even be the same monster. I want to write a paper about Nessie, but then tie in other lake monsters from Canada since people there believe they are the same monster.

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