Saturday, April 9, 2011


Since deciding on my topic of Mermaids I have learned quite a number of things.
One thing I have a question of is if a siren is the same thing as a mermaid and if my paper should focus on both or just mention the difference briefly. The second question I have is if when writing my paper if i capitalize the word "mermaid."
There are many modern ways our culture uses mermaids in for example: Starbucks, Chicken of the Sea, and the beloved disney character the little mermaid. Also more recently there has been a possible sighting of a mermaid in the year 2009. "Is a Mermaid living under the sea in northern Israel?" gives more information on this topic.
My paper is slowly coming together. I am beginning to find more information on the mythology of mermaids and this is what I would like to go more in to depth about. Greece, Japan, Russia, Japan, North America, and the Celtic all have their own stories. Another topic to unfold is mermaids according to religion. Carving of mermaids appeared more increasingly in church decoration between the eleventh and fourteenth centuries where descriptions of real and imaginary creatures were used to help illustrate points of the Christian dogma.

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