Thursday, April 28, 2011


"The Mermaid of Point Grey"

While conducting some research into my elusive monster, the mermaid I have encountered on multiple sites, occasions and discussions the Mermaid of Point Grey. Turning to my number one research partner (Google) I discovered a plethora of websites offering explanation and the history of this famous mermaid. The websites which I have cited below were very informative and clever, but ultimately all had a not so hidden agenda. The first website I visited and referenced below couldn’t be considered a serious site for empirical evidence in regards to the actual existence of mermaids and as I quickly discovered was an advertisement for Kids Adventure Playland with some very other interesting aspects of promoting exploitation of families and their money. In regards to the actual mermaid of Grey Point though they do provide an interesting definition and have a humorous theory of where mermaids come from and other potential first sightings. The funniest quote I have seen to date has to be from this website, “Christopher Columbus possibly spotted one of these two ocean dwellers when he logged in his journal that he had seen mermaids on his journey to the new world, but was disappointed they were not better looking” ( I had to share that segment from the site, just thought it was funny!!! The sight does also provide some more historical data concerning mermaids, but can’t be considered credible for obvious reasons.

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