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Mermaid- Manatee?

The mermaid, or siren, was experienced by sailors during the first expeditions of the western world. It was the Siren’s Myth that appeared for the first time with Homer, who described the them as singing creatures that enchanted and lured sailors to their deaths in the Odyssey. It is found that it is present in both literature and in the imaginary that a Siren is a metaphor to not only describe enchanting women but also attempt to show the divided human nature that exists between mind and emotion. A famous triad of sirens were described by Lycofrone in 300 BC by which the sirens got their name--(elaborate). It is a myth that continues to live: The Siren is a sympol of “impossible love, human desire to abandon oneself to sensulaity, being aware of the mortal danger impending on the victim of pleasure.” But by looking beyond the myth could the Siren really exist? Historical data of archeo-mythology found some “hybrids” venerated in 2500 BC in Europe and Antalya. These individuals were affected by “sirenomelia” (dictionary define here) This is a condition that is characterized by the rotation and fusion of the lower extremity. (describe cases.)

Second article- Could Mermaids be Manatees?

Like wanderers in a desert that experience a mirage. It may be that sailors that are, hugner driven, sleep robbed, and lack female companionship during their long jourrneys at sea, may have instead of mistaken desert for water, have illusioned a mermaid in place of a manatee. The explorers as well of their crew were prepped in the stories of the siren and this fact alone may have led them astray. The article states that, “ It may

Not be coincidence then that the order in which the manatee belongs is Sirenia, from the Latin siren.” Could it also be that culture is misconstruing the story still centuries after their origins? Christopher Columbus even depicted the New world mermaids as aless attractive version of the siren then what he was expecting. It could be that Columbus stated the siren or mermaid for what it really was, a manatee. The Sun-Sentenial in 1493 came to the same conclusion as Columbus while sailing in the Dominican Republic. Lastly in 1789 a Scottish magazine published that the sailors claimed while sailing in the Caribbean the mermaids they caught tasted like veal.

I think this article represents a viewpoint that could be very logical. I have not heard this train of thought before and I think that our culture today and centuries ago it seems are too easily swept away with myths and is very gullible.

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  1. I have read your article, Great job!

    According to your article, those mermaid sightings reported were manatees...Therefore, mermaids are not real? I'm just confused because I'm doing a research paper about them. :)


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