Thursday, April 14, 2011


The Mongolian Death Worm has went way underground on me brother!!! I have searched high and low, deep and far, long and short and that little sucker has just slipped into the abyss. The more I looked for the monster the further he dug and I know we were told that we can write about looking for sources and coming up empty and not finding much emperical information. Well I have spoken with the Monster Majestrate (Professor Michael Lorenzo) and am officially ditching the worm and looking for a new ho... I have taken other clases with a couple of our current classmates (Inga and Nate's brother) so they may be aware of a few personal facts about myself. I suppose its only fair to bring the rest of the class up to speed on my background, I spent 23 years in the United States Navy and retired in 2008. Have spent most of my time since then chasing a little piece of paper called a college diploma and Im almost there... So, considering the fact that I am a sailor by nature I couldnt think of a better monster to research then my latest and last selection... The new woman in my life is Brandy the mermaid... Dont be surprised and dont be fooled, they are real and I plan on conducting an indepth search that will provide without a doubt that Brandy is real!!! I missed a week of posting so I will be posting again real soon with some of my most current and interesting finds.. Stay tuned and dont miss my updates, they are bound to be riveting and insightful and most importantly we cant forget that mermaids are topless women with tails...

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