Sunday, April 10, 2011

I have decided that I am going to do my research on Yeti. I feel like this will be a more interesting topic to research. With a wider array of information out there I will more carefully have to wade through what I see to determine if it is legitimate or not. If I had chosen to do Batsquatch the task of finding more information than a general paragraph repeated would have been challenging. (As I found from my preliminary research.)

After some more research I have found the library has several books on this furry creature. There are seven in total, none of which I have examined yet. The Yeti, or Abominable Snowman as some people call him, also has many websites dedicated to research and some dedicated to recording alleged sitings.

Somethings that will come in handy when researching the Yeti. First of all, looking for both Yeti, and Abominable Snowman tags, because they are one in the same. Also, excluding Yeti Cycles, which is a product of Fox racing. There are some various other products called "Yeti" which are in no way related to the cryptid. (There is an English band called Yeti!)

In class on Thursday, the tools learned about controlled vocabulary, and knowing what it is I am looking for (information on the Yeti) and knowing what other people may call it (Abominable Snowman) will come in handy. When I added Abominable Snowman to my Google search, all of the products were no longer shown as results. Controlling my vocabulary and knowing what terms to use will be useful.

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