Friday, April 8, 2011


When I began researching, I only used the term "gnome" when I was looking for small humanoid creatures. I had difficulty finding anything about gnomes as cryptids and mostly came up with facts on garden gnome decorations and gnomes in popular culture.
After Wednesday's lecture on control vocabulary I decided you try other terms, such as elf, in my research to get the information I wanted. I started on Wikipedia to see if there was anything obvious that I should begin looking for. There was some pretty interesting info on elf-lore from different cultures. I found that in Iceland gnomes/elves are called Huldufolk (hidden folk).
I knew that I wanted to start with gnome sightings in Iceland, and I had a hunch that the term "huldufolk" world get me the articles that I was interested in. I went into EBSCO and searched "huldufolk" "Iceland". The search came up with three articles, two were full text. The article "Magic Kingdom" had the most information.
Mala, Elisa. Psychology Today; May/Jun 2008, Vol. 41 Issue 3,p 21-21, p1
the author states that in a survey conducted in 2007 "Only 3 percent of Icelanders lay claim to personal encounters, but 8 percent believe in them outright and 54 percent won't deny their existence," She also went on to say that isolation, unpredictable natural phenomena, and religious tolerance may have fostered the high rates of Icelanders believing in these cryptids.

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