Saturday, April 23, 2011

Scouring YouTube for t-birds

I spent some time on YouTube recently checking out videos related to thunderbirds, thunderbird sightings or just large winged creatures in general. In terms of videos that have a substantial amount of views (at least in the hundreds of thousands), I was unable to locate a good amount. There was one video that claimed to be of a pterodactyl off the coast of a lake in Montana, but after viewing it once, it is pretty clear to me that the creature in question is instead a large bird of prey, likely an eagle of some sort.

Most of the other videos follow the same trend. There was one however that was actually interesting. Although I’m still pretty skeptical that this particular video shows anything related to cryptozoology, I believe there is SOMETHING in this one. This brief clip was shot inside a car, and appears to show a large winged creature briefly appearing next to a large crane near a construction site.

Now, of course, this is incredibly hard to believe. I see no actual evidence that this video is actually showing what it claims to show. However, I can’t really say for sure what it is. I think it’s possible that this footage is simply a visual trick. There may be a smudge on the driver’s side window of the vehicle that just looks like a winged creature flying. It could also be some random banner or debris flying off of the nearby crane. If you’ll notice, it looks pretty cloudy on the day this particular video was shot, so it’s really difficult to identify anything at that distance from a moving car. I’m calling BS on this video, but I did find it interesting.

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