Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Research!

Our class on Thursday about searching for topics in the library database really sparked my interest in the ways that I could search for my topic. How perfect since research has now started! I might have a tricky time finding articles about my monster, because when I searched for it in the Western EBSCO database nothing came up. I did however find a book with excellent material pertaining to the Black Shuck. The book is entitled Giants, Monsters, and Dragons: an Encyclopedia of Folklore, Legend, and Myth, by Carol Rose. It has hundreds of entries about various cryptids that appear in stories or history. The entry about the Black Shuck was short, but it gave me a lot of information to work with. Much to my enjoyment, it listed off some names that the Black Shuck is also known by (Shuck, Shuck Dog, and Old Shuck). This will definitely prove to be helpful when searching for more sources. I learned that the Black Shuck's name means demon, and it is described in a variety of ways. Some people say it looks like a shaggy black donkey with either huge glowing eyes or just one eye. Sparks of green or red fire come out of its eye(s), which can obviously be quite frightening. Another description of this cryptid is that it looks like a monk with a dog's head. It lives in the sea marshes and it only leaves at dusk. The most frequent places for it are roads, graveyards, and river banks. Although some people say that it brings death to whomever may challenge it, others say that it gives guidance and protection to travelers. Fascinating! I am eager to find out more from other sources!

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