Saturday, April 23, 2011

Edits to Wikipedia

“In the early 19th century, before the first reports of Spring Heeled Jack, there were other 'ghosts' that stalked the streets of London. These human-like figures were described as pale and stalked and prayed on lone pedestrians.

In 1803 the Hammersmith ghost appeared in the western edge of London. It is rumored that while a women was walking past the Hammersmith chapel, the ghost grasped her in his arms. She immediately fainted and died only days later due to shock. Another ghoul, the Southampton ghost, was also reported as assaulting individuals in the night. He was reported as jumping over houses and being over 10’ high.

It is only after these accounts that the Spring-heeled Jack appeared in the 1830’s. These ghosts of London seem patterned in their style of attacks and their appearance; however, unlike the other menaces the Spring-heeled Jack took the form of several odd animals.”

This is what I entered into the Wikipedia sight on the Spring-heeled Jack!

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