Friday, April 1, 2011

Ebu Gogo

I am considering looking into the correlation between the diminutive fossils of Homo floresiensis (aka., "The Hobbit") and the tales of the Ebu Gogo, small hairy creatures that were rumored to have been exterminated because they would steal the food and children of the people who now inhabit the Indonesian island of Flores.

The fossils found on Flores are unusual due to the small stature of the adult individuals as well as the general agreement amongst anthropologists that they did not evolve from Homo sapiens, but perhaps Homo erectus. This gives credence to the concept that other species have overlapped in their habitation with Homo sapiens until ultimately our species have out-competed them, destroyed them or perhaps forced them into hiding.

I'm not exactly clear on what cryptids I can choose from. I'm not particularly drawn to sea creatures, although the Kraken has always fascinated me. I'd love to learn if there are any internal parasitic cryptids. Although, I'm also interested in the notion of a man-eating plant. I have seen the bloom of a corpse flower, therefore it seems plausible the the pitcher plant could have a mega-relative able to digest something the size of a human. Having said all that, I will likely choose to explore the tales of the Ebu Gogo as they relate to an evolutionary perspective.

I'm looking forward to the experiences that we will have in this course and the knowledge that I will gain from other students. This is my first time using Blogger. I anticipate great personal growth in ability to utilize such media as we progress through the quarter.

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