Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ebu Gogo - the band

As a side note and interestingly enough, there is a band named Ebu Gogo. Described on as:
"This “Action/Adventure Rock” band hails from Providence,RI. Drawing inspiration from multiple viewings of the films from their childhood, Ebu Gogo creates music that is both familiar and completely alien. From cartoon violence to sitcom brutality to the ever inventive humiliation ballad, they create a soundtrack for the modern imaginary world." ~

I admit without reserve that like this style of music. I thought of posting the video for "late due to sweatpants boner" because I really appreciated the arrangement, but decided that the title might be offensive to some so I recanted. Instead, I give you the video for "son of a rancher" with a video made by 13 year old Jesse Wright with his Star Wars lego set. Watch and enjoy...

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