Saturday, April 23, 2011

-',-Down into the dark abyss-,'-

This week I took Friday & Saturday(today) to go home for the holiday. Back at western I found some excellent entries on the Leviathan during our encyclopedia searches. The Encyclopedia Americana had some useful information, a tidbit of which explained that the derived roots of the word Leviathan correspond with the Hebrew word "coiled" or "coiled one". I haven't fully examined and compiled the information from Monstropedia but there are some good facts and sources to check up on. The book I bought in class concerning sea-creatures came this week and I will read it when I get back. If it doesn't have anything useful I will pass it on to those researching the Lock Ness monster. At the end of class M can have it. I have a couple books to find in the library that I have leads on. I also have some sources that should arrive from illiad. All in all this week has been great. I am loving this weather!

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