Monday, April 4, 2011

Choosing a Monster

I have been a Washington native my whole life, and growing up in the northwest one hears stories of the big hairy creature known under the names Sasquatch and bigfoot. Is the missing link wandering the forests of the Pacific Northwest? There have been many reported sightings of a large bi-pedal creature. There seems to be a lot of material to read through on Sasquatch and this leads me to believe there is a larger chance for finding valid information.

Another cyptids history I am considering taking a look into is the Kraken. The kraken is a I have also been interested in the existence of a giant squid. Though compared to the amount of information available on Bigfoot, the Kraken has a miniscule amount. An additional reason I am doubtful about starting research on the Kraken is that the last reports of the animal, at least on the Wikipedia page and the first page of Google happened approximately 150 years ago. I don’t know if there is enough material to write on.

One Cryptid that has piqued my interest is the Loch Ness Monster. As it seems the second most likely, behind Sasquatch, to actually exist. Loch Ness, the lake the monster inhabits is extremely deep. There have been claims dating back the middle 500’s about a dinosaur-resembling creature motoring around the Loch, and it didn’t really come under the public eye until it was picked up by the national and international press in the summer of 1933. Paraphrasing, the first reported sighting to the press goes as follows, Goerge Spicer, a man visiting the lake with his wife had seen a large pre-historic esque creature wallowing back to the lake with a small animal in its mouth. A little further along the timeline, in 1934 the first recorded photograph of Nessie as the animal is being called, was published in a national newspaper. I think the vast amount of information on Nessie lends to the place in has taken in as a cultural icon. Nessie is a recognized figure in most developed countries and I bet if I were to survey people and ask what country Nessie is located in, the answers would be about 90 percent right. Though I assume other questions about the animal would most likely be answer incorrectly. This makes me want to dig a little deeper, into the history and literature of Nessie, its habits and hobbies.

There is a large base of cryptids to choose from, and I don’t have a clear decision yet on which one I will study and write upon. It is a big endeavor to write solely on one subject. In making the decision on who to devote my research to, I don’t want to make a snap decision.

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