Monday, April 4, 2011

Black Shuck

Ah, after much searching I've decided on focusing my research this quarter on the Black Shuck. I haven't heard much information about it, but I am very eager to begin finding articles, videos, and other sources about it. As I didn't know anything about the Black Shuck, I wanted to find a bit of information about it just to find out what it is, where it lives, etc., so here it is: The Black Shuck originates from England and it allegedly inhabits the Norfolk/Essex area. It's a ghostly black dog with saucer sized malicious eyes. Legend has it that it brings ill fate and bad luck to whomever sees it, but it also terrifies its viewers at the moment they see it. The description reminds me of the Grim, from Harry Potter, although that might just be the inner nerd in me. There's many references to the Black Shuck in pop culture, which is really exciting! Here's a little picture of the Black Shuck:

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