Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bigfoot books

While searching the Librarys book database I found much material, too much to read through in only one quarter. One problem that I saw myself doing was only looking up one name for Sasquatch rather than both. To fix this I will try to do the Boolean search phrase Bigfoot or Sasquatch. The books hit almost all points on the literary spectrum, there are scientific and fiction, criticism and praise, case study and qualitative and everything in-between. If I am going to choose a book that represents Sasquatch in the most credible light I might choose only scientific books, but I want to get a sense of the problematic books as well. I don’t expect there to be vast amounts of hard evidence supporting Bigfoot, rather my prediction is that these books will focus on case studies of people who have reported sighting Bigfoot.

My prediction came true, there are multiple books in the available in the western library and through summit on a whole range of topics pertaining to sasquatch. For example, in the science spectrum there are books such as Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science and Sasquatch science. Then on the other end there are books that interview people who claim to have had encounters with the hairy beast.

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