Monday, April 25, 2011

Best Source Yet!

Thanks to the great being that is Iliad, I received an article about the "Black Dogs of England" and it's the best source that I've found so far! It was very interesting to read, easy to understand, and provided a reference page with plenty of sources that I plan on checking out soon. Here is some of the information that I found from the article:

Quite an interesting fact that I've learned while reading this article, is that there are different types of the Black Dog. There is Type A, which is found in certain areas and changes its shape; Type B, which is always a black dog and found in the same spots, always; and Type C, which appears in a certain spot on a particular date. I also read that when a Black Dog is seen, it may not always be completely there. Sometimes when Black Dogs show themselves to humans, they are missing certain body parts. The most famous sighting of the Black Dog occurred in 1577. This is obviously a long long time ago, and while I wish there was something earlier, this just lays the foundation for all other Black Dog sightings. The article went on to give accounts of other visions of the black dog, and the most recent one that it addressed was in 2005.

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